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A collection of 230 happy birthday quotes and birthday vectors download.

A birthday comes a few times a year, and on our birthday, we expect sweet, happy birthday messages from the ones who are around us. We also send happy birthday messages to our friends, family, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend and other important people in our life. The message that we send wishes all our loved ones well. As birthday is something important, it is best that we send thoughtful birthday messages that may have a touch of romance, fun and heartfelt touch. Posting happy birthday images and a happy birthday meme is also awesome! The birthday wishes that you send will make their special day a bit more special. Try one of these quotes on a happy birthday cake or put them in a happy birthday song!

Finding a right birthday message will take time, but you will not have to worry much as we have a list of birthday quotes, got you covered. Here are humorous birthday wishes that are perfect for any occasion. The birthday greetings here could be shared with all your friends, co-workers, husband, wife, son, daughter, sibling, boyfriend, girlfriend and more. There is also a list of belated birthday wishes that could be sent in case you have forgotten a birthday. Share one of these messages with your loved ones and make them happy on their birthday.  Choose what to write on a birthday card from the birthday wishes that are here, handpick one of those and make the day one that cannot be forgotten. We have many happy quotes that you could use to make the recipient laugh for the year ahead.

Happy birthday friend

This section is all about choosing birthday wishes for friends, and best friends. Hand picks one of these for the greeting card that you are going to send.

  1. Happy birthday my friend and I hope today is as special as you are!
  2. My friend, Don’t ever think to change because I would like you to stay as amazing just the way you are.
  3. Happy birthday to the sweetest and loveliest person I know in the whole world
  4. Happy birthday my best friend, you are the one I care about the most in the entire universe
  5. My friend has a bright, healthy and exciting future! Happy birthday!
  6. When you get older, I get a feeling that you are going to look really good. So no worries about how you see now. Happy birthday my dearest friend!
  7. I know all about you and you know all about me. We are the best friends as we could read each other’s minds I will not need any different creative message.
  8. My friend, hope your birthday is as wonderful and extraordinary as you are.


What are the most popular background designs in 2019?

A background design is something that attracts the ones who look at it. Most designs include shapes or it comes in solid colors. It could even be a blending of colors. The background design that you use should give its viewers the message that it wants to say without any distraction. A perfect background will convey its message the proper way. Also, choose the proper texture. A texture will determine the tone and style, and it adds meaning to the design you use. The visual textures in your background will convey an emotional message. The colors, the shapes, the pictures, fonts, and the space that you use in your background design will determine the numbers of customers that get attracted to the design. Many like to look at pretty pictures and light colors. You could choose the colors that you want for your background design and come up with a new background design concept. The visual elements that you use will shape the message that you are conveying. The colors and images that you use will be a show of your emotions on delight, sadness, or even sorrow. They could even be humorous.

Software to make background designs

There is an easy way of creating background designs. You could download a software to create a background design of your own. Find out a software that would be easy to use to create background designs. Well, look at some of the software that you could use to create designs. You could try the Canva. The Canva has its stock photos library, and also it has easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools that would do the job that you engage in easy. You could try different fonts and effects. First, open Canva and then select the “Presentation” design type. A background design could have different font sizes and shapes. Here is how it works. From the Canva library, you could choose elements that add to the design such as frames. You could even upload any photos that you have. Next, you could place the images in the place that you prefer it to be and then even edit to change the font size and the font name. You could also choose a color that you prefer. That’s how the Canva works. Finally, you could share and save the background.
You could create a background that is unforgettable and that is going to be unique in its design. The Canva will not only allow you to work alone but it will let you invite your friends to see the design and then edit changes. With only a few clicks, you could enjoy Canva.
You could save your design in the JPEG or PNG image file format. The Canva is available as Canva iOS and Canva Android. You could download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
Here is another software that would be great in designing a background. The software here will also need a few clicks. The Adobe Spark Post can be used as a powerful background creator. You will just need a mouse, a computer and an internet connection to create attractive backgrounds. You could come up with a background according to your preference. You will come across a wide variety of customization options. There are options to change the text, images, alignments, themes and color schemes. The software here could even be used as a desktop background maker. You will only have to click the “Post” option in the main menu and the background will be ready. When you start the project, you will have to have a name to save your project. Here is how the background design creating procedure works.

How to use Adobe Spark Post?

Let us get started. You could first choose a layout for the background. If it is a computer background that you want, the recommendation is “Landscape.” There is a predefined size and you could choose among one of them. A theme does wonders to your background. The software comes with background themes and you could find a suitable one. All the designs can be edited by clicking on the “Design” link, which is at the top of the page. Next, select the theme that will match the way you think. Any background that you create will have a great look when you have an image on the background. There is an option on the software, which is where you could add an image that you have or one that you could download from the Internet. You could also add a text to your background. You will find the “text” link at the top of the page. You could download the background and save it.

Tips on creating a background design

When you are creating a background design, you have to make sure that it has a clear space where you could add text. Another technique that you could try is you could blur parts of your design so that one particular feature would be sharp. Another trick that you could use is you could balance transparency. You could increase the contrast in the pictures that you use and highlight the image that you have used. Adding a shape behind the text and highlighting the text also makes the background look cool. You could try different effects. The image that you use could be in darker colors and the text in light colors or else you could have the text in a darker color and the image in reduced transparency. Many come up with background designs when it is time for a brand awareness programmer. That is because the use of colors and textures makes it successful to bring out your message. The colors that you use will show off your mood. It would be nice if it were a mixture of light colors as well as dark colors. Using tones of the same color will also add a pretty look on the background design that you create. Another tip that you could try is using dark colors and adding neon colors. Then you would draw the attention of many people. Adding a gradient would also be great. Try one of these techniques. The next section will be on popular background designs.

The most popular types of background.

There are a few types of the background are very famous, some of them “Christmas background,” “Halloween background,” …….


The best social media icons in the vector format are available for free download.

What is Social media?

Social media interactions are important in today’s world. Social media networks are a facility, which is a place where information could be shared. It is a mode of expression. All Social media applications could be accessed when only connected with the Internet. On Social media, it is all about expressing yourself using text posts or comments. You could also share digital photos or videos. Social media could be accessed on your phones, laptops or desktops. On social media, you get connected with individuals, communities, and organizations. It’s a platform where you can share your ideas and discuss your ideas with a new community.

The most famous social media websites have perfect logos. The way they have been designed attracts its users. These famous social media icons include the Facebook logo, Instagram logo, Twitter logo, YouTube logo, Google plus logo, WhatsApp logo, and LinkedIn logo. A logo is essential as it is what reveals your identity. It is the mark of ownership. Your service is communicated to your customers. The designs and colors used in the logos will draw your customers. It depicts your brand, and you could advertise your brand with the logo. The vector files of social media icons are available for free download. A vector is a computer-made image. It is finished with points, lines, and curves that run on mathematical equations. A vector will bring the best quality. When using these formats, you could change the color and size easily. Here are some of the popular logos that you could try! You could get its vector format.

Facebook logo

Facebook is a website for social networking. Users could register with Facebook and then create profiles. The other stuff that could be done on Facebook includes the uploading of photos and videos. You could connect with millions of friends and send messages. You could download the Facebook icon and adjust it to the style that you want. It is available in the PNG format for free download. The Facebook logo appears in a blue box on a white or light colored background. The Facebook icon is available in different styles for your website. It is available here in the PNG format for free download.

The concept of the Facebook logo.
The Facebook founders Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker hired Mike Buzzard to design the Facebook logo. It was Buzzard who created the famous logo of Facebook. The color blue was chosen at that time for the logo. The reason behind was Mark Zuckerberg suffered from a vision condition; deuteranopia. It is a sort of color blindness, and Zuckerburg could only distinguish blue. What the font uses is a white lowercase font on a blue background. These colors symbolize purity and optimism. The colors represent that Facebook is a place where you could keep in touch with your friends and family.


Beautiful flower clipart vectors are now available for free download.

Are you looking for flower clipart that you could use in your project? Then you are there in the right place because we have a variety of flower clipart that you could use for your project. We have colorful flower clipart as well as ones that are black and white. These clipart images are available free, and they could be easily downloaded in the vector format whether you are working offline or online. The flower clipart that we have here is of high quality. The flower clipart that we have comes in different sizes. You could choose from the tiniest ones to a set of more abundant flowers. They also have different shapes, ones with five petals, four, six or even multiple petals. We also have single flower clipart, a bunch of flowers and in various colors. The vectors that we have here are designed using Photoshop and the Illustrator packages.


Download the most popular email icon vectors.

With the advent of technology, email icons have been popular. Sending emails is the newest way of communication with your loved ones. It is not like sending letters because letters take a lot of time to reach its destination. However, e-mails are secure to be sent, and it just takes a couple of seconds for the receiver to open the e-mail. It also easily gets a reply within seconds, that is how advanced the new technology has become. History shows that evidence of sending emails was first found among Egyptians. The first icon that represented e-mails came from the Babylonians. It was an envelope. Ray Tomlinson sent the first email to himself, with few letters. You could get different vector formats available for email icons from our site. You could download them in the PNG format as well.

Some of the most popular e-mail icons include the inbox icon where it depicts that all the mail that you receive are saved there. It is a yellow colored symbol. Then you have the @ sign. This symbol is depicted in the lower case letter a. A straight line curves around the letter in the counter-clockwise direction. That’s also a symbol associated with email icons. There is also the vector format of the paper plane symbol, which represents the sent button.


Free download of the most popular Sun clipart vectors.

The Sun clipart that we have here could be downloaded easily. We have sun clipart that looks professional as well as some that look cute. You could use them in presentation slides as well as to show a weather forecast. Some vectors here have eyes and hands and a little mouth that makes it look cute. Also, there are some sun clipart bright yellow and some bright orange. Some have rays of sunshine while others do not. You could see the sun peeping among clouds. We have a whole set of sun clipart that you would find attractive. Some have different expressions. You could browse for the best sun clipart and then download. There is sun clipart of the similar design and color. You could have them in the small, medium, and large sizes in the PNG format. You would come across images of a real sun as well as many clip art versions. Here is how you could get the clipart. You will have to click an icon once to load the full size and then right-click to save the clip art. Some come with Sun backgrounds and then some as individual images, and unique designs.

When you are looking for sun clipart, you could find ones that have the sunrise and the sunset. You could download vectors where there is the sun smiling perfectly in summer. We have images of the sun wearing sunglasses to show that the sun is happy when it is summer. That is one vector that you could download for a smiling image of the sun. We also have clipart sun where it is a hand-painted version of the sun. You could also download the sun with its rays. The vectors that we have are ideal for a poster. You could download cute images of the sun with clouds or a rainbow. We have many images that would be perfect for you. There is also vector images of the sun where the sun is peeping among a row of trees. The clipart related to the sun is in the golden yellow color, and you would love to use one of these vector formats in your presentation. There are many images related to sun clipart in different settings; you could look for some other clipart where the sun is there behind the mountains and the sun in the 3D format. There are also a lot of nature scenes that contain the sun. There are also images where people are laughing under the sun, vector images where people are enjoying the rays of the Sun.


Free downloading of Tree Silhouette vectors.

What is a tree silhouette?

A Silhouette is normally represented in black. It could be an image of an animal, a person or an object but it is just in one solid color which is black. The word came from a French finance minister, Étienne de Silhouette. These silhouettes at first were cut from black card. The origins of a Silhouette could be traced to Pliny the Elder’s arts. They have also been used on coinage. Silhouettes could be either painted or drawn. Photographs use various techniques to create Silhouettes. They photograph people, and objects against the light, to achieve an image in Silhouette. Silhouettes are used in the fashion industry. It is usually an outline of a form. They are also used to create a form of planes or ships in the military industry. In Journalism, in interviews silhouettes are used to go undercover, so that then their real face does not get detected. The site here has different vector format files of Silhouettes. You could download one that is going to be best for you.

You could download lots of silhouette images. You could find any silhouette of whatever the model that you are looking at the site here. If you want tree silhouettes, we have many of those silhouettes. We have Silhouettes of different trees such as coconut trees, palm trees, and other trees. There are silhouettes where we have a tree, and a bird is perched on one of the tree branches. There are tree silhouettes where birds are flying. There are silhouettes where two birds are perched on branches. We have a wide variety of silhouette vector images. You could easily download them. There are silhouettes of tattoos. There are heart silhouettes and silhouettes of leaves.


Download free vector formats of anime eyes and learn how to draw them.

Where does the word “anime” originate?

The word comes from the Japanese language. It refers to computer animation with unique characteristics, and it is also a style of hand-drawing. These animated characters have a fantasy look and are colorful. These anime art styles first emerged in the1960s, and it was the works of Osamu Tezuka.

How to Draw Anime Eyes?

As you know, the Anime arts comes from Japan, and it has its unique drawing style. Let us have a look at some of the most common characteristics in Anime eyes. They are not like natural eyes; they are quite significant. Anime eyes are attractive; the way the eye, the orbit, the eyelid, and the eyelashes are drawn is unique.

Here is how you could draw such an eye. First, you will have to draw a long curve and then another one on the opposite that is a bit shorter. The top curve must be thicker than the bottom. There should be a mini-line at the end of the top eyelid. Next, you have to draw a large white circle pointing in the direction your character is facing and another small circle on the bottom corner. The next unique feature is the eyelashes.

They should be bolder and curved. When you color the eye, you should shade the colors. Shade from top to bottom and dark to a light color. In the middle of the eye, you have to shade a darker circle as the pupil.


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