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How to draw anime girl eyes?

First, you will have to draw an elegant curve for the eyelashes. Then there should be a partial oblong (not closed) drawn so that it touches or overlaps the eyelashes. Then in the in the middle of the oblong, you have to draw partial oblongs. This will be the eye’s pupil. Next, have two small horizontal ovals are drawn, one bigger at the left than it is at the right. Draw curves for the eyelashes. You will have to draw them thick. For the final output, you have to trace with a pen, and finally, erase unnecessary lines.

Drawing anime eyes male

First, you will have to draw two brushed curves, which will be thinner at the left. The upper curve should be thicker than the one below it. Next, draw a half circle with a small circle in the middle. Draw near the left end. Next draw curves to emphasize the skin surrounding the eye. After that draw a brushed curve that evenly varies in thickness – this curve must be thickest at the middle and thinnest at the left end. This will be for the brow. Trace with a pen to finish. When coloring. You will have to choose the best colors. The best colors are brown eyes with a bit of yellow, or blue eyes with some turquoise. Bigger eyes are well suited for female characters and for male characters, eyes should be thinner.

Male anime eyes & Female anime eyes

We have many vector formats of anime eyes that you could download. There are a whole set of anime eyes that has female looks. We have eye pupils in different colors; eyes that are in blue or green. Anime eyes that have long eyelashes as well as short eyelashes. There are anime eyes in a set of multiple colors that you could download easily. You could download anime eyes that are of different sizes as well as shapes. You could download them free and use it maybe in a card that you are making for your loved one. These anime eyes look very cute, and you could download them with different expressions as well. These anime eyes come in various facial expressions. You could find anime eyes that show emotions of happiness, feelings of sorrow, fear and so on.

These anime eyes could be used for commercial purposes. They come in different formats such as the ai format, and vector format. These vector formats are also available in black and white colors. You could choose from a collection of anime eyes from our site and download them free to use for your purpose. They are super cute and look cool.