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Instagram Logo

It is a social networking service where you could share photos. Facebook owns Instagram, Inc. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger introduced Instagram. In this app, you can upload photos and videos to the service. On Instagram, you could use filters, and tags with location information. Other users’ content could be looked at by searching using tags and locations. Uploaded photos could be liked. You could upload single or multiple images or videos in a single post. The letter “I” in the Instagram icon is capitalized. The vector images here have a black glyph on a white background and a multicolor version. You could have the glyph changed the glyph to any solid color. The glyph is important in the Instagram.

The concept of the Instagram logo
The Instagram logo was designed by Kevin Systrom. Systrom and Cole Rise put in their ideas to come up with modifications in the Instagram logo. Under Systrom’s guidance, Cole added modifications. The previous logo was modified with an overhead lighting effect, and a room was reflected in the camera lens. That is how the logo was created.


Twitter logo

The Twitter allows its members to write posts called tweets. All members on Twitter could broadcast tweets. You could download twitter icon vectors on this site. The logo is a mix of blue and white. Here you have Twitter icons in the vector format for easy download. There are several icons associated with Twitter. There is one, which the company name in blue on a white background. The Twitter bird is also famous. It was designed to symbolize the quick and simple messages on Twitter. The vector images of all these icons are available. You could have them downloaded.

The concept of the Twitter logo
Simon Oxley brought the concept of the Twitter logo. He first came up with a drawing of a bird in a tree for the iStockPhoto, which was a site that offered its customers thousands of pictures for projects. Later Twitter used Oxley’s bird in Twitter. The bird is a mountain bluebird and its beak and body points toward the sky which is the symbol of freedom.


YouTube Logo

YouTube is where you could watch your favorite videos. You could use the YouTube icon vector format to add cover art. Using the vector format here, you could customize your logo with the proper fonts and colors. The YouTube Logo that you make will be free of imagery and text surrounding. A solid background should also be used. There are two versions of the symbols associated with YouTube. You could use the YouTube icon in black on a background that’s lighter than 40% gray, or there is the white full-colored icon. You should use it on a background that is darker than 50% gray.

The concept of the YouTube logo
The concept of the YouTube icon is a red tube with a white screen and a red play button. The YouTube wordmark in black follows it. It has a flexible design and could be viewed even on the tiniest screens. YouTube is a great entertainment application where you could enjoy many features.


Google+ Logo

Google’s social networking project, is the Google plus. It is a place where you could interact offline. In this site, you could download Google plus icons. These artworks could be used by downloading the vector format. The Google+ icon colors could be adjusted by trying different colors.

The concept of the Google+ Logo
The latest version of the Google Plus logo uses a sans-serif typeface, and the colors used are also softer. The new logo uses a capital “G.” The new logo is clear and it is attractive to its customers. The logo makes the people aware of Google Plus.


WhatsApp Logo

The WhatsApp is an app that is popular to enjoy fast, simple, secure messaging and to call for free. It is an app available for phones all over the world. The WhatsApp icon comes in a green and white background. The site here has a whole set of WhatsApp vector logos, logo templates and icons for you. You could download them free. These formats could be downloaded in the.PNG format.

The concept of the WhatsApp Logo
Brian Acton and Jan Koum found WhatsApp. They worked as employees of Yahoo earlier. They should find a new way to earn a living, and thus they came up with the idea of developing the WhatsApp. Both these colleagues designed the logo. The design used in the logo is straightforward. The logo elements include a text bubble. A text bubble represents sent and received messages. WhatsApp has used this symbol to indicate that it is a messaging app. The other element is the use of a telephone within the text bubble. It means that you could use WhatsApp to take voice and video calls. WhatsApp is an app for mobile phones. People have been satisfied with how the WhatsApp logo looks on their phone.


The LinkedIn logo

The LinkedIn is a social networking site, and it is suitable for the business community. It is a professionally established website. The LinkedIn icon uses three colors: Blue, black, and white. The LinkedIn icon is used on a white background for maximum impact and clarity. You could download the vector formats given on the site and do changes as you want! Make changes to all your favorite social media icons.

The concept of the LinkedIn Logo
The LinkedIn logo uses the color blue. The color blue is a calm color, and also it is a color that is loyal and shows trust. It is a standard color used in most logos. The color used here has made this logo an outstanding logo.

These are the most famous logos worldwide. Each logo that has been created has a unique concept. The ideas used in these logos are clever and interesting. There has been great effort to come up with brilliant ideas for these logos. The colors have also been carefully chosen. Download the available vector formats for your project!